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I’m currently researching Kant’s moral duty for a final essay and it is torture. Not because I’m not interest, but I have 2 days to do it! I hate to make excuses but my final thesis was due, so philosophy assignments were the one thing I could put on the long finger. 2 days is adequate time to do this essay hopefully!

Anywho, Kant proposes that ‘Good and proper’ actions are those which are performed to help others. As for the moral duty, it has a number of flaws but I’m thoroughly enjoying reading and researching this topic. Last undergrad essay ever. Frightening.

I’ll blog in more detail at a later date with excerpts from my essay. I’m afraid that I may be done for plagiarism if this blog comes up, I don’t think they’ll care if I say I wrote the blog. Is it just me or have plagiarism checks become much more aggressive??

Anywho, I’ll blog later, I’m just having a somewhat unproductive Wednesday afternoon…

And I guess I I’m still making excuses to put this essay on the long finger…

UPDATE: 2 days was adequate time. A2. Not too bad!

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